BlackStorm : no crorat, read what i wrote... the cars gearbox was fucked up and we all knew that, it broke when i was driving... it could also break when someone was driving, in this case was me..
szajbat : yea yea blackstorm we all know whats happen u noobe :D
KOLO : little urine mark on his pants
crorat : if there was someone else driving we would say he/she broke it :D but since it was you... :D welcome to balkan :D
KOLO : skidmark :D
BlackStorm : cro, u need to buy something for me, pm me when u read this
crorat : couldnt you just pm me? :D
crorat : fyi i'm in bed, no plans to go to pc to ts3
DarksideHamper : hello gits :)
crorat : WOW :D NICE! btw 3:47 xP
max4771 : hey
max4771 : but video cheaters???
crorat : oh common man, why you removed top menu :evil:
szajbat : cro, max how u can get in this game is around 5 mins i think :D
max4771 : I hope you not delete all video!! :x
szajbat : what video?
max4771 : video cheaters
max4771 : hey my post what I have published??? Because don't is on recent topic???
Ismailovic : hey guys how could i get unban request??
Ismailovic : on bf2
themmeex : cmon I didnt arrive to read that perverted hentai blog topic
LALI : top menu ????? please....
szajbat : obviously its not finished. please.................
LALI : please why dont u say so XD
szajbat : i will show u what i want to do
crorat : kurwiny :evil: i dont have saved username and pass for this page xDDD
Bash2crash : brrrchhkkkkkkwdkpgi Dafuq happend to the log in box? couldnt log in. Had to create new topic then asked for details :P
szajbat : its always at the bottom when im changing something with login on the top, just scroll down
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